David Denman has been offering young people remarkable guidance for many years. He knows how to help young men and women step off the treadmill, take stock of themselves and the broader world, and then move forward again with real purpose and a stronger sense of self.
Bob Laird Former Director, Undergraduates, Admission University of California at Berkeley
David Denman is a consummate teacher and learner. The book he co-authored, Touching the World, was prescient. Knowing him as a colleague and friend for three decades, I continue to marvel at David’s ability to touch the hearts of young people as he helps them to touch the world. I can think of no better mentor and guide on the globe.
Albert M. Adams, Ed.D., Headmaster, Emeritus Lick Wilmerding High School, San Francisco, CA
I never cease to marvel, Dave, at your capacity to define new educational pathways, combining rigorous academic discipline with hands-on, cross-cultural experiences, and elevating the mix to a spiritual plane. It’s no overstatement to assert that the richness students acquire under your tutelage enriches the world.
Paul G. Zolbrod, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor of English Allegheny College Author: Diné Bahane, The Navajo Creation Story
For many decades, Dave Denman has been an articulate spokesperson for the notion that young people learn best by doing and experiencing. He has devoted much of his career to bringing young people and high quality learning experiences together in carefully designed, well-executed programs. The ultimate beneficiaries of his efforts are the young people who learn new and powerful lessons about the world and about themselves.
Lawrence R. Van Meter, Head Moorestown Friends School, Moorestown, NJ
I would choose you, David, over anyone as a guide for discovering and learning. Your zest for life and desire to learn and teach surpass most scholars. From museum to cathedral to café, you so willingly share your knowledge of art, music, literature, philosophy, religion, history. You’re an educational inspiration and role model.
David Damico, Dean of Students The American School in Switzerland
The word that comes to mind to describe you, David, is “integrity.” You live out of your personal and social conscience. You always ask the bigger questions and deftly unearth underlying issues. You work on behalf of young people in the right way: one person at a time. You do not deal merely with a collection of grades or test scores. You see young people in their complexity and completeness as whole living, breathing human beings involved in the process of growth. You are a model for me as an educator and as a human being.
Mary King Austin, Associate Dean of Admission Simon’s Rock College of Bard College
I am fascinated by what you are doing to help kids decompress somewhat from their mainstream education experience in college or before.
Melvin D. Levine, MD, Director Clinical Ctr. for Study & Development of Learning University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
In a time when only technology counts and young people talk about nothing but SATs, computers and the rat race of admissions, it is a revelation that somebody like you is thinking of opening minds and eyes of young people, lucky people who will have the opportunity to meet with you. You can be sure that I will recommend you to high school seniors for advice – or to college-bound people to recharge their batteries.
Ilse Nelson, European Schools Consultant and Education Advisor to the United Nations, New York City
"Through action selves become who they are."
Arms and Denman, Touching the World