Formerly Master Teacher and Consultant on Education for the national organization of Quaker schools and colleges, David Denman has taught at every grade level from 7th through college. An experienced school administrator, he has been an independent school Headmaster; twice a Director of Development; and Director of Admissions at the Colorado Springs School, The Putney School in Vermont, and the Lick-Wilmerding High School in San Francisco, where he was also Director of College Counseling.

A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, David has a Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary. He also studied at the, University of Pennsylvania, and at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. David has been a Staff Associate of the National Commission on Resources for Youth and member of the Coalition for National Service. He is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA).

Co-author of the book, Finding a School for Your Child in San Francisco and Marin, David knows the schools and colleges locally, across the country and abroad. And he is acutely aware of the academic and developmental hurdles that young people must clear en route to college and success in life. A past consultant to the College Entrance Examination Board, he served for years as a "reader" of SAT II English Composition essays and the Advanced Placement English examinations.

David's diverse interests, empathic sensitivity, and considerable humor enable him to relate well with a broad spectrum of adolescents. The father of four children, he is a runner, skier, bicyclist and hiker -- and an avid gardener. Each summer David leads an extraordinary "rite-of-passage challenges" for boys high in the Swiss Alps ( David is also founder and Director of Sojourns Abroad, a uniqie cultural immersion program for post high school young people in Europe (

David is co-author of a widely-praised book, Touching the World (pub. by Charles Scribner's Sons) about the developmental needs of young people--especially their need to learn in ways other than merely in conventional classrooms. And from a broader range of adult mentors than those whom Paul Goodman, the noted social critic, called "school monks". Widely read and widely traveled, David ts a devotee of music and the arts.

As an educational consultant, David serves families all over the country and abroad. His work includes local and boarding school placement, college counseling, crisis intervention, and more generally, educational problem solving, guidance and mentoring. David's "gap year" and time out files contain a vast range of extraordinary summer, and semester and year-round alternative options worldwide for young people who want (or need) to take a break, either before matriculating in college, or at some point during the college years. Or for those for whom college may not seem the appropriate next step after high school.

David's lifelong commitment has been to nurture autonomy, responsibility, self-discipline and self-esteem in young people by placing them in individually appropriate settings which will encourage them to venture in uncommon ways. Numerous young people remain in touch with David for years, benefiting from his familiarity with their development. This distinctive mentoring service includes David's counsel regarding all aspects of their short and long range planning.

An acknowledged advocate of young people, David knows the "therapeutic" schools and special programs nationwide, and he is experienced in helping the families of young people with "special needs", remembering always that "every child has special needs."
"Through action selves become who they are."
Arms and Denman, Touching the World