General Educational Counseling

What a truly satisfying job it must be to know that you are having such a positive impact upon young lives. I have, and will continue to, recommend you to anyone who I feel could benefit from your guidance. (Gil)
I have so much to thank you for! May you continue to make wonderful contributions to students’ lives! Thank you for all you’ve done. (Gillian)<
Your very kind note/status report regarding Peter, once again reminded me of the extraordinary help and leadership you have extended all of us this past year. Both Susie and I are delighted (and maybe surprised) at the difference in Peter’s attitude toward his life, and his growing confidence in his ability to manage. We see a sense of direction developing, which at best, would have been substantially delayed absent your intervention. (Parent)
I’m a real believer in what you do for people and have mentioned you to many others, friends and clients. Every community should have such a counselor and resource. (Greg)
I am hard pressed to convey my gratitude for your kindness and support during these last few months. Yours was a voice of special significance and your counsel of breathtaking appropriateness. (Glenn)
Again I want to thank you for helping me to get where I am today. (Jason)
Thank you for your patience and all the time you’ve spent in helping me find the right path. (Emily)
Thank you for your continued support and the encouragement you have given me over our years together. The meeting at Rulli Café has opened up fresh ideas and has been an inspiration for me at school. David Brower’s book is wonderful, and I look forward to reading the other books you have recommended to me. These readings fuel my curiosity about the world around me and keep me excited about my future in academics. Thank you again for not only being a mentor, but also a friend. (Natalie)
I was just thinking about the man that helped me open up my eyes to this wonderful world and thought I should let him know that I was thinking of him!! Thank you so much for making all this happen! (Serena)
I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for all of your wonderful suggestions to my father for books to give me each Christmas. I have quite a library of books thanks to you! (Brooke)
Your valuable insights have greatly helped me, especially in the field of viola practice. I read about Caravaggio in the Grolies Encyclopedia and realized that both of you use a similar technique. Caravaggio used light to make things in the background come into the foreground, and to make the unclear apparent. That is exactly what you helped me with: you made the once foggy clear for me. Thank you for all your help. (Forrest)
You have been a great help to me with my decision-making in the past and here it is three years later and I’m graduating. I think we made some good decisions! You are inspiring and supportive. I owe you some THANKS! (Benjamin)
When we first met, I saw how wonderful a man you are and have kept that image with me. When we were reacquainted in Seattle, I saw that you still are a man of care and amazing energy. (Tim)
So much of what I might have based my choice of school on is now evolving. I thank you with complete sincerity for pushing me. I’m really grateful that you recognized, in particular, my curiosity about and passion for environmental issues and encouraged (almost insisted upon) its growth. (Abigail)

College Counseling

Yes, I am slowly wending my way to a PhD. Thanks for believing in me. It makes such a big difference when an adult believes in a young person who is timid and insecure. You helped me be bold about writing a richly detailed resume, to shed my embarrassment about listing non-paid non-traditional activities, that I’m sure helped me feel good about the experiences that I had chosen because I wanted to do them, not because society valued them. In that sense you were very self-affirming. (Jeff)
Everything is all set for September and we are so grateful to you for your wonderful help! We will certainly “spread the word” as we believe so completely in the philosophy behind it all. Thanks for everything. (Parent)
I’m so happy with all of my commitments! Thank you for helping me to see what my heart really longs for – a stable, consistent life (always learning and exploring). Thank you, thank you, thank you. (Diana)
I’m struggling hard to achieve my dream here at the Air Force Academy. As you know, I’ve come a long way to be where I am and I wanted to thank you for being there for me during my hard times after high school. You gave me hope. I look forward to our continued friendship. (Ted)
For much of the success I am enjoying at this point, I have you to thank. You had so much to do with pulling me up and back onto my feet, and I owe you a great deal of gratitude. (Gillian)

School and Boarding School Placements

I hear that you are still a wonderful community asset! And I realize I never told you how much we appreciated what you offered to Asa. He’s doing exceptionally well. Matured, grown in confidence and commitment to his own future. It’s downright amazing. Interlochen was exactly what he needed: structure and inspiringly high caliber student body. It blew his mind. He’d always been the funniest, the most charming – but those kids were dedicated working artists. Now that is what he wants for himself. Thank you, Dave. Keep up the wonderful work! (Parent)
We'll let you know what happens (regarding boarding school acceptances). If he doesn’t get in where he wants to go, we fantasize about dropping out of the academic rat race and wandering around the world instead. (Parent)

Time Out/Gap Year Counseling

We can never be sure what the future holds, but Dian now has learning experiences, thanks to you, that equip her for whatever she encounters. (Parent)
Again I want to thank you for helping me to get where I am today. I have learned about and seen so much I never even imagined existed. (Jason)
Thanks for all of your help this year. You have made a significant impact on my life and helped shape me as a person! Thanks again. (Kelly)
Thank you, thank you, and thank me! You’ve helped me so much; now I’m facing a wonderful challenge of independence and am finding that I’m capable of making some really rewarding decisions! Thanks for being so supportive! I am also continually inspired to go back to school! I never thought I would feel so motivated! (Diana)
I just left Thailand, where I stayed with a very distant cousin. It was four weeks of great food, great weather, and really nice people. I saw some sights: temples, caves, golden triangle, etc. I played a daily soccer game with some really sharp Thai fellows. And I helped teach science at a Montessori school’s Saturday program. Germany was great and now I am in transit to Adelaide, Australia. Taking “time out” is the best! (Owen)
Bonjour de Paris. I am having a wonderful time here learning about cooking, city life, French culture and about myself. It’s fascinating being here so soon after my experience in Kenya. Thanks for all of your help this year. You have made a significant impact on my life and helped shape me as a person! Thanks again. (Kelly)
When Alex went to Costa Rica last fall, he met several other students who were in various stages of their college education, including one or two college graduates. Being around those young people who were there to get an education for the purpose of education and not for credit or because their parents were pushing them, has had a very positive influence on Alex. The changes in his outlook, disposition and energy level have been significant and positive. The services that you provide and the concept that you have of “time off” are simply invaluable. Thank you so very much for what you do. Even if a parent has an idea that it might be best for their kid to take some “time off” before enrolling in a college, without someone like you to give support and credence to such an idea, as well as to be able to suggest countless positive itineraries for that time off, it would be practically impossible to do on one’s own. (Parent)
Your presentation to our group was lively, fresh and informative. You gave a valuable perspective to parents and you effectively highlighted the goal of helping our youth discover and pursue their passions. Parents are now more aware of the myriad opportunities, options and trends available for their children upon graduation. (Parent)
I have only been gone for two-and-a-half weeks, and I have already been to London, Paris, Heidelberg, Cologne, Amsterdam. I’m now in Copenhagen and tonight I leave for Stockholm. This is really a great program. We students get very intimate with the professors (who are great) and we learn from them in every situation, not just in formal classroom programs. I have seen so many museums I think I will burst from all the art history I am absorbing. I’ll come home a real art connoisseur! (Haley)
To David, the man who gave me the key!!! See what a short but thoroughly enjoyed talk with you can lead to? I’m helping a guy start up his winery in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. It is really amazing this world – so big, so intriguing and so accessible! (Mike)
Boy, am I on cloud nine! If you only knew how much I love it here you’d understand why I’m seriously thinking of staying in Aix en Provence the whole year. My classes are great: I’m taking two French Lit. courses and I’m reading everything from Moliere, Stendhal, Flaubert to Hugo’s Les Mis (yes – in French!). I’ve also fallen in love with my drawing and painting class. I thank you a million times for finding this! I’m so happy I can hardly write! (Samantha)
How was your summer? Did you send lots of kids on awesome trips that will change the rest of their lives? Like my trips changed mine. I just wanted to thank you again for all your support and encouragement that made last year one of the BEST years of my life! I had a great time and I learned more about the world and about myself than I had in 14+ years of school. (Debbie)
This is the last sunset from another country. It has been an incredible time, yet also strenuous. I am ready to go back to school with full force now. (Marcus)
I’m learning a lot and having fun. I was at Lake Como in Italy this weekend. There were fireworks and it was absolutely amazing. I feel like I’m really living! (Caroline)
The hiking trip in the Alps was a wonderful opportunity which we are all grateful for. We are lucky to know you. Thank you for making the trip possible and for the friendship you provided us therein. The excursion was everything we hoped it would be. (Chris and Parents)
My bike trip has been going extremely well. You were correct time and time again about being young and free from obligations. So many people I encountered were amazed at the trip and wished they too had started such an adventure before their lives became so complicated. Thank you for guiding me into discovering the wider width of human experiences. (Christian)

Troubled Teen/Special Placement

Thanks so much for your help with our son. He is doing so well. He found something he really wants to do, and he is now very focused. No more marijuana. (Parent)
Thank you so much for your help, your faith and your superior ability to deal with craziness. Believe me, David could not have arrived at graduation without you. (Parent)
Thank you so much for your support in my transition to reality. High school is now another memory waiting to be forgotten. (Chris)
"Through action selves become who they are."
Arms and Denman, Touching the World